Why Japan?

For me, Japan is the most creative and the most innovative country in the world.

I admire Japan, not for their Manga or something that similar for Japan freaks like Harajuku Style for example. I simply admire Japanese people. We can see that Japan has a strong culture. They were proud of their culture as they valued them continuously. It may also looks like they were branding themselves with their culture. And they make it better and more excellent each day.

Japanese people are smart, they create something with a value beneath it. So the rest of the consumers would remind of their products. They also make everything seems much better than any other countries.

Creative refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates something new (a product, a solution, a work of art, a novel, a joke, etc.) that has some kind of value. Some source from Wikipedia also said that creativity is created by some profile, such as Idea Generation (which includes fluency, originality, etc), Confidence (which include implementing) and Japan had it all. Innovative generally refers to the creation of better or more effective products, processes, technologies, or ideas that are accepted by markets, governments, and society. And Japan made almost their creation more effective and valuable.

I for once came to Japan for a holiday with my friends. It was one of my best vacation ever. I went to several theme parks which turns out to be the best Disneyland I ever visit so far, from the decoration, the games, and the souvenirs, they had it all the best there. The other theme park which I won’t forget for the rest of my life is Fujikyu Highland. …………… I just can’t say any other words. The roller coasters, the haunted hospital, and everything were just breathtaking. Japan was super cool! The super fresh, tasty, and SUPER DELICIOUS SUSHI, the guilty feelings when I try to carelessly litter something outside the garbage can, the well-organized trains and the fastest one shinkansen, the wonderful temples, greatest sale for some of my favorite brand, etc.

Another ah-mazing things in japan are the vending machine! It is similar with “Doraemon Pocket”! There are soups, HOT SOUP, corn soup which i love the most and red bean soup coming out from those machine :9 melon milk, banana milk, etc. YUMMM! Those were only the food and drinks. The othervending machine, provide ciggaretes, photo booth, electronic products, such as MP3, camera digital, even IPOD. Life in Japan was very FUN 😀

Wish that I could come back there later.. Later.. ASAP, When I had enough money from my own fufufu :- D

PS : maaf kalo bahasa inggrisnya jelek :’)


They called me ENJI !

ALIEEEEEEN!!!  TOLOOOONG ADA ALIEEEEEEN!!!! Oh ternyata bukan pembaca. Ternyata…… Itu…… Saya :’) Bayi berkepala unik itu adalah saya. Berumur 8 bulan dan sedang dalam masa pertumbuhan. Seperti kata Lady Gaga “I’m Born This Way”, YA, saya lahir pada tanggal 25 Agustus 1992, dengan berat 3,5kg, sukses nangis sekuat tenaga setibanya saya di dunia ini. Tidak … Continue reading

Sekedar Basa-Basi

Sabtu. 00.50 Dini hari.

Akhirnya, setelah penantian selama 2 hari, gw berhasil dapetin NAMA yang pas buat wordpress ini. Ide-ide nama wordpress gw sebelumnya kebanyakan udah diambil sama orang lain, kayak “Peek a Boo” seru banget kan  kedengerannya? Tapi gara-gara udah dipake.. Yaaa ya gimana lagi? Akhirnya ini deh hasilnyaaa. Padahal, kata orang  silhouetteofmind gak cocok sama kepribadian gw.  Tapi kedengerannya keren kan??

Lega banget akhirnya bisa mulai nulis disini, soalnya selain gw harus nyapa kalian, gw juga harus menyelesaikan tugas -tugas mata kuliah Creative and Innovation dari SBM ITB dengan menulis di wordpress ini.

Maaf kalo nantinya tulisan yang gw sajikan di wordpress ini bercampur bahasa Indonesia bahasa Inggris. Bukan maksudnya mau mempopulerkan bahasa baru seperti Singlish, tapi yaa ini akibat keterbatasan gw dalam berkata-kata. Dan mudah-mudahan gw bisa mendapat nilai tambah dari kalian, bahwa gw juga bisa berbahasa selain bahasa Indonesia.

Cukup yaah basa-basinya.

Satu hal penting yang mau gw tekankan.
Pembaca! Tulisan yang akan gw sajikan dalam wordpress ini bukanlah tulisan yang serius. Gw bukan orang yang pintar merangkai kata atau buat bingung kalian dengan bahasa yang susah. Gw hanya bisa berbasa-basi dan menuliskan apa yang ada di pikiran gw. Semoga, apa yang gw tulis disini dapat bermanfaat bagi kalian semua.

Salam Manis dan Salam Kedip