Enjoy yourself, make mistakes! –by : Budi Rahardjo

Budi Rahardjo, is a man who interested in progressive rocks, information technology, start up companies, writing, teaching, sci-tech, blogging, etc. He introduced himself as one of the world wide web (WWW) founder, the owner of Indocisc enterprise, and DB (Digital Beat) Store in Paris Van Java. He is the guest lecturer in the past Creative and Innovation class.

At the beginning, he tells us briefly about “The world is Flat” books and the globalization evaluation. Globalization version 1.0 is when “NATIONALITY” is the most important aspect to the world. People are competing to get work in abroad because they think they would definitely be rich when they work abroad. Globalization version 2.0 is when “COMPANY” is the most important aspect to become the rich one. They compete to get a chance to work in the best company or in a multi-national company. The last is Globalization version 3.0 it is the evaluation being implemented in our daily life, it is when “YOU” become the most important part to be a successful one. It is not nationality or the company which can make you success but it is yourself. We must depend on ourself, it’s yourself who can determine your success.

Mr.Rahardjo tells us this quotes “Usia hilang itu tidak bisa dicari, uang bisa dicari. Kegagalan itu nasib, bukan aib. Yang penting sudah berusaha dan jangan sia-siakan waktu yang ada”. As time goes by, every single things change and there is no turning back. He told us to use our time wisely when we were still in college, to broaden our networking, to exchange our mind with others to get Ideas.

As a business man and an entrepreneur, he also said that “To be rich is only a consequence, lots of rich people doesn’t expect them self to be rich, they get rich accidental” and it is important to do what we loves. Choose the job you love, because when we do business with our heart, there will no objection and there is only happiness when you do it.

He is also an active blogger. His blogs are : rahard.wordpress.com, gbt.blogspot.com, rahard.blogsome.com, etc. He said that to get an ideas, we should try to be creative all the time. That’s why he try to make a post everyday to avoid lack of creativity. Because lack of creativity could stimulate depression.

Last but not least, he mention “GOOD ARTIST COPY, GREAT ARTIST STEAL!”, it is allowed to copy, but it is a must to make it better.


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